Hey it’s my first picks column of the season!! After my torrid 10-1 playoffs last year I am feeling the pressure to continue. So let’s just go ahead and get started. Again if you are using my picks for gambling purposes seek professional help immediately!

Baltimore (-3) at Buffalo

Yeah when I see Buffalo I still say yeah they are Buffalo. Give the 3 take the Ravens. I don’t see them having any problems with the Bills today.

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Cleveland

2 games 2 road wins? Well come on it’s the freaking Browns! They are awful. Bengals are for real and they destroy the Dawg Pound today. 

Bears (+3) over Lions

Come on! The Bears are underdogs?? Is this a nobody believes in us game?? I think it is. Time for Kyle Long to do what he was drafted to do. Knock Suh on his dirty ass. Bears win this one in a tight one 

Giants at Chiefs (-4)

Sorry Giants. You guys can’t block. Can’t play D and you turn the ball over. Arrowhead will be rocking today like it hasn’t rocked since the Derrick Thomas days. And you think you can go in there and win? Not happening. Take the Chiefs. 

Pittsburgh (-3) vs Vikings in London

Sorry London. You guys get stuck with shit game every year. The NFL actually tried to give you a good one this time but well Todd Haley happened to the Steelers. Still take the Steelers and give the 3. 

Arizona at Tampa (-2)

This one is the win one for team unity game. Freeman is benched never to be seen again and the Glennon era begins for Tampa. Also its a west coast team playing at 1pm on the east coast. Never a good thing. 

Indy at Jacksonville (+9)

Yeah I know. But it’s 9 freaking points! The Colts haven’t covered a spread like this in 5 years. Indy wins but take Jax and the points.

Seattle at Houston (+2)

Again west coast team 1pm et game. They got lucky in Charlotte this year. Houston will win today. I don’t see the Seahawks being able to beat them in Houston today. 

NY Jets at Tennessee (-3.5)

Jake Locker is for real. Titans welcome the Jets back to reality. That Titans D will make Geno look like a rookie and this guy won’t be close. 

Philadelphia at Denver (-10)

If Philly isn’t careful here they are going to be blown out in the first half. Despite what Chip Kelly says that atitude makes a difference. They go 3 and out too many times and that bad defense is gonna be way worse. Peyton wins by 20 and is having a hot dog in the 4th quarter.

Washington (-3.5) at Oakland

Rock, paper, scissors. Come on Oakland D man up! Freaking embarrassing. Alfred Morris finally shows up and Redskins win. 

Dallas at San Diego (+1)

Man I hate the Cowboys. 

Pats at Atlanta (-2.5)

Loud dome? Inexperienced receivers? Gonna be angry Tom Brady face all night tonight. Falcons are going to rise up and win this one. 

Miami (+7.5) at Saints

This game is scary good. Are the Dolphins for real? Is Rob Ryan’s defense for real? We are going to find out tomorrow night. I think the Saints win but 7.5 is a lot to cover. Don’t see it happening. 


Bears fans chill. It’s only one game. Long season. But hey Peter King did you actually watch the game? Peanut was abused by AJ Green? Yeah 2 int’s for Peanut 2 td’s from Green. One not against Tillman but the long PI was. So I’m going to call that a draw. Not to mention that was close to a pushoff on the one Green scored on. All in all good game Bears. All Day is next week. Let’s Bear Down and get another win.

So Adrian Peterson takes the first carry of the season and goes 78 yards for a td. Long day for the Lions right? Wrong! Nice resilience by the Lions and horrible Quarterback play by Christian Ponder. I hope Sam Steele Ponder is ready to be the chief bread winner in that family. Her hubby is going to be unemployed in about 6 months if he keeps this up. 

Steelers get a safety on the opening kickoff. Long day for the Titans right? Wrong! Damn Pittsburgh. No Pouncey the rest of the year. No Foote the rest of the year. No hope the rest of the year. Going to be a bad year in the Burgh I got a feeling. 

Nice game Terrelle Pryor. You would have made Al Davis proud yesterday. But Indy still has a little Luck on their side.

Rookie EJ Manuel looked pretty good yesterday. But it’s not enough because there goes that man Brady again. It’s sad that Brady never really had a true #1 receiver. There is no telling how good he could have been with a great WR to throw too. And no Randy Moss is no Jerry Rice. 

Panthers have a lead late in the 4th quarter. Panthers blow lead in 4th quarter. Move along nothing to see here. Great win for the Seahawks though. Those 1et game for West Coast teams are difficult wins and they pulled it out. Big matchup with the Niners in Seattle next week.

Speaking of the Niners. Hey Baltimore still think Boldin is washed up? And Green Bay fans stop whining. There never should have been offsetting penalties in the first place. That is seriously the dumbest rule in all of sports. Basically I can take a cheap shot and try to injure your QB and if you get pissed off about it and retaliate nothing happens to me? This needs to be fixed immediately. 

Miami has new unis. Moving on. And yeah Cleveland Wheedon sucks. But hey at least your owner isn’t in jail yet.

Seriously. Is Jacksonville even trying. 28-2?? To the Chiefs?? Hey Sunshine! Remember the Titans called. It’s time to turn in your playbook. 

The Saints Falcons blood feud continues. Nothing was decided yesterday. The Saints merely held serve. Gonna be a good race in the NFC South.

The Rams continued their NFC West dominance. No seriously they are 6-1-1 in the West since last year. The mustache can defeat division opponents. But that luck is going to run out this year. 

Can someone get the Giants some running backs? I have better 4th options on my fantasy football team than Eli had last night. And no Cowboys fans your team didn’t play well. But it’s a win nonetheless. You won’t get 6 turnovers every week. Well Romo is certainly capable of that. 

Tonights games:

Redskins Eagles should be fun tonight. But in the end Philly has no defense. Give the 3.5 with no fear, take the Skins, and thank me later.

Honestly does anyone care about the Texans and the Chargers?? Give the 4.5 with the Texans and don’t lose any sleep watching this game.

As always this is merely One Fan’s View. Until next time From The Bleachers. 





It’s Christmas Day for NFL fans! Yes it’s opening day! It’s only the Broncos and the Ravens but still it’s football! What follows is one man’s opinion about the upcoming season. If you take offense or think I’m an idiot well it’s America and you can think what you want. But read it and enjoy it. And remember this guy went 11-1 last year in the playoffs. Where’s my bookie??? Seriously though. If you use this as a gambling tool seek professional help immediately.

AFC East

1. Patriots

2. Dolphins

3. Bills

4. Jets

By picking the Dolphins second here doesn’t mean I think they are going to be good. Someone has to finish second in this crap division. I mean seriously. The Bills and Jets? Don’t fall for the ESPN hype machine on EJ Manuel. And the Jets well they are the Jets. The best thing about the Dolphins is Ryan Tannehill’s wife and the only reason to watch them is to see who Richie Incognito pisses off this week.

The Patriots will win the division by default. But this year isn’t about the division. Tom Brady is running out of time to catch Joe Montana’s and Terry Bradshaw’s 4 Super Bowl wins. Sorry Peyton Manning fans but the SB ring is the only stat that matters in a real conversation about who is the best ever. Brady wants to be the best. He has to do it now. 

AFC North

1. Cincinnati

2. Baltimore

3. Pittsburgh

4. Cleveland

Break out the Bengals! No seriously! They have the best coaching staff in football. How DC Mike Zimmer hasn’t gotten a head coaching job just shows you how stupid some teams are out there. Yes Raiders I’m looking at you. Between Marvin Lewis, Jay Gruden, Hue Jackson, and Zim they have 4 head coaches on this team. A great defense, solid special teams, an emerging QB in Andy Dalton, and having the best young WR in the game in AJ Green have the folks in Cincy excited about something other than Skyline Chili. I don’t think Mike Brown can screw this up. But it is Mike Brown so let’s not underestimate him.

The Ravens will challenge the Bengals and could win the division themselves. But are they nursing a Super Bowl hangover? And will all the personnel losses catch up to them are the questions that have to be answered. Someone explain letting Anquan Boldin go? I’m sure Niners fans will enjoy watching Anquan go across the middle and catch everything thrown his way. Ozzie Newsome doesn’t make many mistakes but he made one there. The Ravens will still finish second however. 

The Steelers are not going to have a good season this year. If they finish 8-8 that would be a major accomplishment. They have the same crap OLine, the worst offensive coordinator in football in Todd Haley. Seriously if this guy wasn’t Bill Parcells son in law would he even have a job? The defense is another year older. The heart that beats in James Harrison has gone a little west to Cincy. And yes Harrison will make the pay for that 2 times this year. No WR’s. Bell should be a great running back but what is really wrong with his foot? Is it a Lisfranc injury like Maurice Jones-Drew had last year or something less serious? The Steelers however still have Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau. They will get the most out of this group that is humanly possible. Unfortunately in this tough division that’s about 8-8.

The Browns are getting closer. If their owner doesn’t end up in jail for this Flying J scandal they might be in the playoffs next year. Haven’t heard of Flying J? Do more than read espn.com already! 

AFC South

1. Colts

2. Texans

3. Titans

4. Jaguars

This is just an out and out nasty division. Just nasty and hard to pick. I’m going with the Colts. Great coach and I really believe Luck has a chance to be on the Mount Rushmore of QB’s when his career is done. The Texans and Colts are pretty even on paper. But when one QB is way better than the other you have to give the edge to that team. Sorry Matt Schaub you are average at best. 

The Titans and the Jaguars? Yeah you aren’t going anywhere this year. Seriously who even coaches these two teams anyway? Titans should be around 6-10 or 7-9 depending on how Chris Johnson is. The Jags? 4-12 maybe. But everyone in this division plays defense. It’s hard to see it with all the points the Colts and Texans can put up. But some teams you just can’t stop anymore with all the rules changes. This division should be a knock down drag out between those 2 teams. 

AFC West

1. Broncos

2. Chiefs

3. Chargers

4. Raiders

Has there ever been a worse division in football ever? The Raiders will be lucky to win a game. Nice hire of Dennis Allen Reggie McKenzie! You hire a DC and your defense gets worse. Seriously? Yeah there is a guy in Cincy named Mike Zimmer you should talk to. Just saying. The Raiders are considering starting Terrelle Pryor at QB. Do I need to say anything else? Believe me I will. I was a Raiders fan for 35 years. And what is happening to that franchise and lack of commitment to winning is pathetic. I will have a blog about the Raiders in the near future. 

The Chargers? Eh who cares. I mean seriously. You live in San Diego. Why would you waste 4-6 hours of your Sunday at a run down, falling apart football stadium? They need a stadium now or they will be packing up the powder blues and moving back to LA.

The Chiefs are moving in the right direction. But when you have been as low as they have been there is only one direction to move. 

The Broncos are who we thought they were. A coach notorious for choking in playoff games. Look it up. John Fox is this generations Marty Schottenheimer. Remember Marty having Joe Montana and Marcus Allen and he still couldn’t win? Yeah I see you nodding KC fans. And I’m sorry Peyton fans. If it wasn’t for Rex Grossman and Lovie Smith’s insistence on using him Peyton would have 0 Super Bowl wins just like Dan Marino. And stat heads? Only SB wins matter in the NFL. Don’t like that go back to watching baseall or doing the Pythagorean Theorem. But the Broncos will win the division. Again. The only real question is are the Raiders worse than the Jets. 

NFC East

1. Redskins

2. Giants

3. Cowboys

4. Eagles

Hands down the best division in football. I can justify in order in this division. But I’m going with this one. 2 reasons. RG3. And I believe in Eli. The Eagles will be fun to watch and will pile up some points just based on the sheer volume of plays they are running. The Cowboys? Yeah Tony Romo is still playing qb. The Giants? They are in their good year pattern. The Giants have one good year then one bad year. Maybe it’s the disease of me that comes with winning a title. But they have a great organization in place. Great coaching staff and they are a model NFL franchise. Who also happens to have 4 Super Bowl titles. Yeah that stat snuck up on you didn’t it. A clutch QB will get you far also. And yes you can’t spell elite without Eli. 

The Redskins are more than RG3. Kirk Cousins might be the best backup QB in the league. Alfred Morris is a top 5 running back. At least I hope he is I have him on my fantasy team. And Shanahan is an offensive genius. Being a ex-Raiders fan that’s still hard for me to admit. They will be a tough out in the playoffs. 

NFC North

1. Bears

2. Packers

3. Vikings

4. Lions

This is not a homer pick! Seriously it’s not. So what if I think Trestman is the brightest offensive coach in the league today? And I think the D might be better than last year with the addition of Bostic and subtraction of Lovie Smith and Urlacher. It all hinges on Jay Cutler though. I don’t have a lot of confidence in this guy and I really can’t stand him. But he has a great arm. And you can’t coach arm strength. If anyone can fix the other issues its Trestman. 

The Packers are one injury away from the first pick in the NFL Draft. The defense couldnt stop me and 10 guys from the bar. And is Eddie Lacy ready for the NFL? Lots of questions in old GB this year.

The Vikings could finish first. They could finish last. We know what we are getting from Adrian Peterson. Nightmares if you are a Bears fan. But is Ponder the answer? Depends on the question. He doesn’t turn the ball over. But he doesn’t stretch the field either. And the loss of Percy Harvin may be big. Peterson will get at least 1600 yards and 12 tds though. 

The Lions? Yeah move along. Nothing to see here but a lot of fantasy stats. 

NFC South

1. Saints

2. Falcons

3. Panthers

4. Bucs

This is another division that’s hard to predict. Any team can finish first or last. But with the Saints adding the true Ryan defensive genius in Rob along with Coach Sean Payton being back will get the Saints the division. 

The Falcons are another well run organization. Filled with smart people from top to bottom. If you have never been to a game at the Georgia Dome you really should go sometime. Filled with southern hospitality no matter what colors you wear. And the hot dogs are damn good also. The Dirty Birds will be back in the playoffs again but will they do anything? The regular season to this team is just the preseason. Their measure will happen in January.

Panthers? Jerry Richardson is a tightwad. I really don’t like anything about this team except Kuechly. So let’s just move on. The Bucs? Does anyone care? Their home attendance is worse than the Raiders. I hear the excuses that the owners are more concerned with ManU in the Premier League. Well ManU sells out every game. Whats your excuse Bucs fans? Good team. Good coach. No Support.

NFC West

1. Niners

2. Seahawks

3. Cardinals

4. Rams

I’m not drinking the Seahawks ESPN Kool-Aid. However if the Hawks go to San Fran and win the Niners are behind the 8 ball in this division. The Cardinals will spring some upsets and they will make Larry Fitzgerald fantasy fans happy. The Rams will show up also. If for no other reason than Jeff Fisher’s mustache and coaching acumen. But it’s the Niners division. Pretty much always has been. 

My Super Bowls picks are Colts Niners with the Niners winning. Nothing like moving into a new stadium in Santa Clara next year with some new hardware. And Andrew Luck it’s gonna be your league soon. Just not this year. I look forward to watching you play the next 15-20 years. As alwayst this is merely One Fans’ View. Until next time from the Bleachers!


I am going to get on my soapbox today. It seems we have a virus infecting Cubs fans. We do NOT as fans threaten bodily harm or wish any of our players are dead. As fans this is something you do not do. If you do this or say anything this stupid you really need a reality check. There are more things in life than sports. Go out. Have fun with your friends. If you don’t have friends make some. It’s not that hard unless you are a grade A douchebag. And honestly if you threaten to kill a player on twitter you really are a grade A douchebag. 

After Carlos Marmol blew another save yesterday there were lots of things on twitter said about him and Dale Sveum. I am not going to honor these mental midgets with what they said or quote them to give them notoriety. Now do I think Marmol sucks and has lost the ability to pitch? Yep. Been saying it all year. Do I think Manager Dale Sveum has no clue what he is doing it? Yep. Been saying that since last year. Hence my hashtag I started of #FireSveum. But that doesn’t mean I wish them dead or I want to shoot or kill them. Seriously people grow up. This is a meaningless game in June in a lost season. And if you don’t realize that then look at the standings. We are out of it. It’s not happening this year. If you don’t understand this or like this then just leave. The White Sox needs fans. Just go to the South Side. We won’t miss you. We don’t need you. 

I’m not usually the one to be the morality police. Hell I was a Raiders fan for over 30 years. But even we don’t say stuff like what was said yesterday about Marmol and Sveum. Seriously where does this vitriol come from? Did you even play sports? Or are you taking out your own failures and shortcomings on someone else and you use the Cubs as an outlet? If you are threatening a players life you need mental health. This is not a joking matter. If you think it is then yes you are an idiot and a tool. 

I’m not saying you can’t boo. I’m not saying you can’t go on a guy’s twitter feed and tell him he sucks. Lord knows I’ve done it to Dave Sappelt and Ian Stewart. But man they suck. But as a fan there is one line you do NOT cross. And that line was crossed by a lot of so called Cubs “fans” yesterday. When you threaten a player all it does is make you look like an idiot. Buy a ticket. Watch the team. Buy hats, shirts, jerseys whatever you so choose. But that does not give you the right to threaten a player or a manager no matter how harmless you think it is. I can’t believe I am saying this to Cubs fans. I have always had good relations with Cubs fans and even made some great friends along the way. But some of you guys need to get a clue or buy a vowel. Get over yourself. If you take a sport this seriously take some time away from it. It will be here when you are sane again. As always this is merely One Fan’s View. Until next time From The Bleachers. 

Hey Miami! Welcome to reality! You aren’t nowhere near as good as you think you are. You really thought you can just lace up your sneaks and show up and win a championship didn’t you? You really thought David Stern would bail your ass out with some crooked refs and help you win a title didn’t you? Well there is still time for that one. Let’s table that thought. You guys were going to win not one, not two, not three. Remember that? Yeah that shit is over!

Did you guys really think you were one of the greatest teams ever? Just because you have LeBron James? And sorry Chris Bosh you are a sorry excuse for a big man. You are 7 foot tall. Get your ass down low and get some rebounds already you pansy! And yeah Dwayne Wade I know something is seriously wrong with your knee. You are actually being a man and not making an excuse and I respect that and you for it. But Big 3? You guys had the audacity to call yourselves the Big 3? There is only one Big 3 and they played for the Celtics back in the 80’s. Hell I would take Robert Horry, Rick Fox and Derek Fisher against you guys in a game of 3 on 3 right now. 

I know a lot of people want to bash LeBron for this. But yeah this isn’t his fault. No matter what LeBron does everyone says he should have done something else. He reminds me a lot of Magic Johnson playing in his early years. A lot of you young kids didn’t know that Magic used to be called Tragic Johnson did you? LeBron will be fine. He needs to leave Miami because without a healthy DWade he isn’t winning anything. LeBron will go down as one of the top ten of all time before he is done and this will be seen as a blip on the radar. And honestly name someone on the Heat that scares you in crunch time right now besides LeBron? Ray Allen? One trick pony 3 point shooter. Mario Chalmers? Who? Chris Anderson? He’s one more tattoo away from lead poisoning. Shane Battier? For some reason he is on the end of the bench. Maybe he got tired of being torched by a UNC player. Yeah I see ya Danny Green. Norris Cole? Sounds like an 80’s rapper not a basketball player. Udonis Haslem? What does this guy do anyway? 

But let’s be fair to the Heat. The Spurs are on a pretty good run in the playoffs here. If they win out, and that’s still a big if. LeBron is still scary. But they can go 16-3 in the playoffs. Now they doesnt stand up to a 15-2 Bulls run in 1991. Or the 2001 Lakers going 15-1 in the playoffs. The only game those Lakers last was when Allen Iverson went off on poor Tyron Lue. Poor guy. Yeah I’m biased so? And yes those Lakers have the best playoff run in the history of the NBA. Sorry Bulls fans the truth hurts. And don’t forget the Fo Fo Fo Moses Malone 76ers in 1982 they went 12-1. Honestly if the Spurs win out? They deserve to be ranked with those teams as the greatest ever. And coming from a Lakers fan that is high praise. I despise the Spurs. I don’t like them. They have cost my Lakers a couple of titles and I wish they didn’t exist. But let’s give credit where credit is due. The Spurs are a well run organization. Solid team from top to bottom. Solid coaching staff. Continuity and familiarity everywhere. Their “Big 3” have played together 11 years. They have castoffs from other teams that play well there. They make great draft picks. I mean seriously Kawhi Leonard? They make great free agent pickups. Two words here. Gary Neal. The Heat are hopelessly overmatched. They are being outcoached. The worst part and the inexcusable part is they are being out hustled. The Heat have no heart when it matters. LeBron does. But the rest of these guys? No. Dwayne Wade is the dirtiest player in the NBA and it’s not even close. They all flop like a sniper shot them on Call of Duty at the slightest hint of contact. To be fair though. Ginobli of the Spurs is the one that started all of this flopping crap so I’m blaming them. Chris Bosh is a joke. When they signed him to be a part of the Big 3 and people ate it up I was thinking how stupid are you? I remember this guy playing at Georgia Tech. He was as soft as Charmin. 

In closing as always people don’t believe the ESPN generated hype around a super team. 3 good players do not make a super team. The Spurs are showing you this. Like Public Enemy once said. Don’t believe the hype. It’s just a sequel. As always this is merely One Fan’s View. Until next time I will be drinking a cold 312 in the Bleachers with my pals. 


I have came up with something every Cubs fan can agree upon. A list of things that are worse than the White Sox. I thought long and hard about this list. 


















As always these is merely One Fan’s View. Until next time From the Bleachers have a great Memorial Day and remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country. 

Yeah, yeah. I hear you naysayers out there. Hockey sucks. I can’t follow it. I don’t understand it. Well shut up and start watching already. The Cup pursuit is the most insane 2 months of sports you will ever see. Overwhelming favorites will fall. People will lose teeth. Stitches will be required. Hearts will be broken and the unbelievable will happen. Sound like a Hollywood movie poster? Well all of this will happen and more.

An overwhelming favorite will lose in the first round this year. It always happens. Blackhawks fans they better be ready to play. The last time there was a strike shortened season the 8 seed Rangers took out #1 seed Quebec. Last year the 8 seed in the West LA Kings won it all. Yeah the Hawks had a helluva regular season. The only thing that gets you though? Is one more home game in every round. That’s it. That President’s Cup Trophy? Worthless. It has been 18 years since the NHL went to a 16 team playoff. In those 18 years an 8 has beaten a 1 11 times. That’s 61 percent for those of you scoring at home. Although I see Pittsburgh being way more vulnerable than the Blackhawks. With Crosby possibly still out with his broken jaw they should be on bananas upset alert. You don’t want to go back to the Island with the Islanders having home ice. 

All it takes is a little bit of belief and a hot goalie in the NHL and miracles can happen. It isn’t a crapshoot like the NFL playoffs. It isn’t long and tedious like the NBA playoffs. It isn’t over with in 4 days like the MLB playoffs is for some teams. It’s a marathon. Every team will doubt whether they can win it or not in the next 2 months. 

The biggest difference is sudden death overtime in the NHL. I know they have it in the NFL also. But nothing like the NHL. Being a Rangers fan believe me I know the heartbreak of an overtime loss to finish your season. Yeah Devils I’m looking at you! There is nothing worse than forcing OT on a late goal. Then go into OT have a bad turnover and bam! Season over. They don’t call it sudden death for nothing.

In the NBA playoffs there has only been 1 #8 seed make the NBA Finals. That was the miracle Knicks after Pat Ewing got hurt. And that was also in a strike shortened season I might add. The thing about shortened seasons the great teams dont have a chance to seperate themselves from the average and good teams. And if you are a great team with a lot of injuries when you sneak into the playoffs you have new life. Just because your regular season record wasn’t great that doesn’t matter as much. Hence what happened with the Knicks in 1999. There have only been 4 #8 seed upsets over a #1 in the NBA playoffs. All but one of those lost in the next round. 

The MLB Playoffs are pretty tame and boring in terms of upsets. This has changed in recent years with the addition of the wild cards. But overall still pretty tame. For every San Francisco Giants of last year there are 4 New York Yankees teams. We are not going to mention that crap team in Florida for obvious reasons. Let’s just move on before I get depressed again…

Do I have any idea who is going to win the Stanley Cup this year? No and I don’t think anyone does. If I was a betting man though I would put it on the Blackhawks. But I’m not a gambler. No really I’m not! Is that stuff even legal?? But for great first round series? Watch the Rangers and the Capitals. When I say these 2 teams don’t like each other this is not hyperbole. It will be nasty, ugly and great. Hopefully the NHL keeps it cleaner though than they did the first round last year. The playoffs were very out of control up until the moment Hossa was taken out by a cheap shot effective ending the Blackhawks chances last year. Yes I see you nodding Blackhawks fans. We really should see some tightly officiated games in the first round this year to set the tone. Especially the first couple of rounds. Lots of power plays should happen. If not then we may have another serious injury again this year and no one wants that. 

So in closing the real Playoffs are here! Enjoy hockey fans! And come on aboard you newcomers. We aren’t snotty like soccer fans. We will explain offsides, boarding, etc to you if you just ask. No worries! As always this is merely One Fan’s View. Until next time From the Bleachers!